Portal Rescue

About Portal Rescue

Portal Rescue is a dedicated group of people serving Portal AZ, Rodeo NM, and surrounding areas.


Portal Rescue is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors who are elected annually. A Fire Chief and EMS Chief manage operational functions. Portal Rescue is funded through donations, fundraisers, and some income from the state provided for fighting wildland fires.


Portal Rescue has a well-equipped fire station that was built in 1991. A classroom and meeting room was added in 1998. A second building for fire apparatus was added in 2006. A collection of our past newsletters is available here.

Emergency Medical Technicians at Portal Rescue handle about 50 calls a year. After completing the 130 hour EMT Basic course, all EMTs receive continuing education and must complete a 24-hour refresher every two years. In addition, monthly meetings provide ongoing in house training.


Firefighters at Portal Rescue respond to 1 to 12 wildland fires per year and very few structural fires. After completing a 40 hour Basic Wildland Fire course, firefighters train once a month, participate in continuing education, and must complete an annual wildland refresher course.


In order to achieve good communications in this remote area, Portal Rescue has a group of trained community volunteers known as Radio Control Operators (RCOs). These volunteers rush to the Portal Rescue station when called and provide radio contact with EMTs and firefighters and also telephone contact with outside agencies, as needed.


Goals for Portal Rescue include:

  • Continuous recruitment of EMTs and Firefighters.
  • Continuing and strengthening cooperation with the Forest Service, Arizona State Forestry Division, and the BLM, which fund wildland fire suppression activities
  • Continuous equipment lifecycle management

You can help by:

  • Join the team by becoming a firefighter, EMT, RCO, or Board member. Go to Contacts page.
  • Donate your time and skills assisting in other ways.  Go to Volunteer page.
  • Support Portal Rescue fundraisers.  Go to Contacts page. 
  • Becoming a donor:  Portal Rescue is the only local organization essential to residency in our remote area.  We are an all-volunteer organization, receiving no support from your tax dollars.  Go to Donate page.


Our By-Laws for your reading enjoyment.